Why Canadian Visa Expert Is Not a Scam

When seeking assistance regarding immigration to Canada, it is important to avoid being cheated by a fake company. Canadian Visa Expert, for example, is a private company that works with immigration consultants to guide clients throughout the procedure to immigrate to Canada.


People can apply for Canadian immigration for free on the governmental website, but many individuals consider this a complicated task and want to receive help from experienced experts. This is why thousands of people request the services of Canadian Visa Expert, not a scam by any means, but rather a team of Canadian immigration professionals who try to make immigration to Canada as fast and easy as possible.

If you and your family want to move to Canada as permanent residents, here are several reasons why you can trust Canadian Visa Expert.

The first thing to understand is that Canadian Visa Expert is legit private company that collaborates with immigration consultants who are registered members of The Federal Regulator of Canadian Immigration Consultants.

Just as individuals can do their own bookkeeping for free, but many prefer to pay an accountant to make sure everything is done correctly, Canadian Visa Expert clients pay to receive professional services from the immigration consultants it subcontracts.


Unlike a scam, Canadian Visa Expert provides a valuable service to its clients who want to move to Canada. This starts with a personalized Canadian immigration assessment in which the immigration consultants who collaborate with Canadian Visa Expert evaluate the client’s details and inform them whether they are likely to meet the eligibility requirements for immigration to Canada.

Clients who are assessed as likely to meet the criteria for a specific Canadian immigration program can also receive guidance from the immigration consultants through each step of the process to apply for a visa to Canada, to make sure their forms are submitted correctly and to answer questions they have.

In contrast to a scam, Canadian Visa Expert has contracts with major credit card companies to process payments, issues clients a receipt, provides the services clients paid for and has a customer service department to assist clients. Furthermore, since Canadian Visa Expert is not fake, many of its clients have been issued a permanent resident visa to Canada and live there today.

These are just some of the reasons why you can trust Canadian Visa Expert and its team of immigration professionals.