Advanced Cashless Payment Technology Popular Throughout Canada

The idea of living a cashless life has taken Canada by storm. While cash will probably always have a high place in our societies, more and more people are paying for food, clothes and gas using smartphone apps, debit and credit cards, and tap and pay

One survey of 1,000 people in 2015 showed that 65% of the respondents rarely use cash to make purchases while 77% of those surveyed said that they would rather use their debit or credit cards to make purchases and pay bills.

The cashless technology continues to grow more and more popular in Canada. The Canadian Visa Expert team works to help people apply for a permanent resident visa to move to Canada to work and live, and thus, they have seen the cashless payment methods continue to increase throughout the country.

About 68% of Canadians own smartphones, according to a 2015 survey by Catalyst and GroupM Next that included 1,100 people. This was an increase of 13% from the 2014 survey by the same groups that showed 55% of people in Canada who owned smartphones.

Of the 35 million Canadians, there are around three million people who bought their smartphones during the second half of 2014. The team at Canadian Visa Expert helps immigrants who move to Canada, and many of these immigrants enjoy the smartphone technology of the country.


This new technology has changed the way that Canadians surf the net, follow the news, read emails, and communicate with their friends and family. In addition, people are now using their phones to pay bills, buy meals, buy movie tickets, and make online purchases.

Many banks and financial institutions have smartphone apps in Canada that allow people to make online payments, balance their accounts, and more. The Canadian Visa Expert team has been helping thousands of people submit their application for a Canadian permanent resident visa to live, work, and even attend college.

According to a report by MasterCard at the end of 2013, Canada was ranked third place in the world for cashless payment methods, following Belgium and France. In fact, the Bank of Canada revealed in 2015 that most financial transactions in Canada are now using cashless methods of payment.

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