High-Tech Industry Boom in British Columbia Drives Wages Upward

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According to new reports, the high-tech sector is rapidly growing in British Columbia. Although traditionally known for its resource-based economy, high-tech companies now employ more workers than the mining, oil, and gas industries combined. This sector is already one of the biggest tech sectors in Canada and it continues to grow by more than 3.3% annually while also increasing wages far above the Canadian average.

Canadian Visa Expert helps workers looking to join this technology boom in British Columbia by making the visa application process as easy as possible. High-tech companies in Canada can add valuable members to their ranks by taking advantage of the services offered by CanadianVisaExpert which facilitates the visa application process for qualified international talent. All of this new talent is dramatically driving up wages, which is good news for the workers in British Columbia.

The visual effects and animation sector is also experiencing rapid growth in British Columbia. Film companies such as Sony Pictures, Imageworks, Industrial Light and Magic, and Technicolor’s MPC pay their artists around or above $100,000 a year. Traditional software development jobs remain lucrative as well. Canadian Visa Expert helps many people who are looking for animation, visual effect, or other technology jobs to apply for Canadian visas.

The boom in the high-tech and film industries is great news for the economy of British Columbia and Canada as a whole. These new jobs attract young talent to Canada and help make it a global force for innovation. CanadianVisaExpert works to strengthen Canada’s growing industries by simplifying the visa application process.

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