Immigrants Settling in Smaller Communities on the Rise

Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal draw a majority of immigrants who relocate to Canada. A new report shows an increase in the number of immigrants deciding to settle in the smaller cities, towns and rural areas of Canada. The small towns of Winkler and Morden located in the province of Manitoba have seen an influx of newcomers from around the world.

What would be the reasoning for someone to pack up their belongings, leave their home country, relocate to Canada, and decide to live in a community with a population of only 11,000 residents? One main reason is, these communities are facing challenges with the shortage of workers.

The smaller cities and towns are not only wanting, but needing the immigrants to relocate to their areas to aid in financial stability and growth. Canadian Visa Experts will assist you in the immigration process so you can live and work in one of these small communities. Contact them for information.


Immigrants also like these smaller communities because they are welcoming to immigrants, plus the quality of life is excellent, and there are plenty of job opportunities for them. Morden and Winkler, located in the prayer province of Manitoba, has held one of the lowest unemployment rate percentages of any other province or territory in Canada. The cost of living is considerably lower than more popular places in Canada, such as Vancouver or Toronto.

To take advantage of the many job opportunities and quality of life to be had in these communities, contact Canadian Visa Experts for immigration information.

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