What Are the Top Jobs in Canada for 2016? CanadianVisaExpert Will Tell You!

If you are wondering if now is a good time to apply for Canadian immigration, the answer is yes! There are many opportunities in Canada right now for skilled foreign workers in various occupations.

Some of these jobs are in high-demand and require a college degree, while others call for additional training from a vocational school apprenticeship or community college.

CanadianVisaExpert has helped thousands of people who want to move to Canada so they can have an opportunity to live and work at one of these high-demand jobs.

Canadian jobs typically pay quite well, and according to a report in Canadian Business, jobs in Canada often offer high salaries and the potential to move up in work positions.

Some of the higher paying jobs in Canada include university professors ($87,000/year), healthcare managers ($89,000/year), construction managers ($80,000/year), and pharmacists ($100,000/year).

These are just a few examples of median salaries, and many factors will determine the exact salary that an employee will receive. Some of these factors are experience, education, skills, business niche, size of the company and resources that are available, location of the business and more.

If you would move to Canada to work at one of these much-needed jobs, you could make more or less than these salaries, but overall, Canada offers great pay to their workers.

CanadianVisaExpert can help you determine your eligibility to move to Canada to work at one of these high-salary positions.

In order to live and work in Canada, skilled foreign workers are issued either a permanent resident visa or temporary work visa to Canada. A permanent resident visa authorizes you to live and work in Canada permanently and even apply for citizenship after living there for four years.

You can also sponsor eligible family members for Canadian residency and have access to Canada’s healthcare and education opportunities. A temporary work visa gives you permission to live and work in Canada for a limited period of time.


There are certain Canadian programs established just for “economic immigrants” and their families who are interested in moving to Canada to live and work long term.

These programs are the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), and the Provincial Nominees Program (PNP).

Each of these programs has different requirements for eligibility. Contact CanadianVisaExpert today to get information about your options on moving to Canada to live and work.

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